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About Us

At Harker Spine & Trauma Rehab Center we stand ready to meet your needs with the latest techniques, services, products, and cutting edge equipment in the healthcare industry.  Our mission is to provide the finest custom and highest quality Chiropractic Care.


Harker Spine & Trauma Rehab Center has an excellent reputation, both with treating patients who have been in an auto accident, been injured while on the job, or had another accident while dealing with insurance companies and claims. We also understand the ins and outs of workers’ compensation and no fault and how it relates to benefits. 


We pride ourselves with being the best choice after any accident. If you have been injured, do not wait for the problem to progress or the pain to worsen. We will help you on your road to recovery, be there every step of the way, and provide each client with a tailored treatment plan to fit your needs. 


People in New York trust Doctors of Chiropractic to treat their injuries because they understand that many of the common injuries associated with accidents are best treated with Chiropractic Care. At Harker Spine & Trauma Rehab Center, we provide the people of New York access to experienced accident medical professionals.

Give us a call at 585- 978- PAIN to schedule an initial consultation with our experienced chiropractor!

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